Make your space unique with one of our “one of a kind” art pieces.

Working with various wood species, epoxy, metal, gravity, light and electricity. Lets us make you your dream piece.

Bottle Balancers;

These These interesting pieces will have your guests wondering how the bottle is standing. In addition to Lichtenberg Burning, I use gravity as a medium in this functional art piece. Probably not earthquake proof, so I’d keep the Chateau Petrus 1945 in the cellar. 

Charcuterie Boards;

What naturally goes with wine? Cheese of course! How distinctive will your gathering be when you present your guests with a selection of fromage and prosciutto on a beautiful piece of function art. While sipping your wine, you can tell them how 12,000 volts helped make it possible..

Wall Art;

These are the most fun pieces. I let the materials tell me what to do, and they never disappoint. I use slab cut or live edge wood and let it burn! Every knot, inclusion, grain pattern and density changes the flow and direction of the current. After burning and cleaning, I use mica colors to fill the burn or leave it natural. An epoxy finish for a high luster or a hand oil rubbed finish completes the piece.

Dragon eggs;

These “eggs” start of with unique burl. Burl is a growth on a tree that has amazing figure to its grain. There are many ways to go with this art form and the choices are unlimited. After the burl is selected, it can be colored or left natural, then encased in epoxy. After the epoxy sets, I put t on a lathe, where it is turned, shaped and polished. Certainly a conversation art piece.

Mini River Art;

These pieces can be used as wall/table art or functional as a serving/charcuterie board. The dimensional flowing appearance pops wherever you put one of these truly beautiful pieces. Live edge wood can also be Lichtenberg Burned for even more beauty and visual interest. A lot of work goes into these art pieces, but the end result is amazing.


I am a skilled lathe turner and can produce a myriad of art pieces. Candle holders, writing pens, key chains, wooden bowls and more can be made as art and functional art pieces. Got an idea? Let me know and lets see if we can get it done.

Get in Touch;

We are located in the wilds of Montana but figured out how to use the interweb. If you can’t contact us by phone, it could be that the Elf is performing CPR on me. Feel free to text or email.

[email protected]

Leah The Elf: (208)-660-4172

Bill The Miffed Scientist: (406)-231-9451

  • Wall Art
  • Functional Art
  • Lathe Turns
  • Live Edge River Art
  • Lichtenberg Art
  • Reclaimed Wood / Barn Board Burl, Epoxy, Metal, Electricity, Gravity, Light and other forms of Nature’s Wonders
  • “Field to Table” practices, all hand crafted in Montana by;

Bill “Sparky” Garcia – miffed Scientist (Because “mad” is too strong a word.)