Training electrons to behave. It’s like trying to herd a band of rabid squirrels.

” Sparky”

Once upon a time, a miffed* scientist and an elf decided to train electrons to dance on wood. Although dancing lessons were provided, those little rascals pretty much did what they wanted to. In the end, the scientist and the elf settled on just letting the pesky critters loose to create their own havoc. The result? Well, left to their own devices, they leave a unique and beautiful signature that is fascinating.

Almost tree-like in nature, every burn is different in depth, design and pattern. This process is incorrectly referred to as fractal burning and more accurately called Lichtenberg Burning, named after Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. Lichy made a device in 1777 that allowed for a large static charge to be run through powders that were transferred to paper. These branch-like patterns are named after him.

As Georgie Boy was working in his garage, and ignoring his wife, he studied these designs as dinner got cold. Because of his sacrifices, we can can bring this art form to you. In a nutshell, a bunch of electricity, acting like lightning, brings science and art together in the perfect marriage.

I {Sparky} run the machine, ducking electrons, while the elf {Leah} is hiding under the desk like a poodle during the Fourth of July. If you choose a custom piece, the elf will text/email you pictures of the progress of your commissioned art.

All of these pieces are unique by the nature of the process. I try to coax the voltage in the direction that I want, but ultimately it goes where it wants. Variances in wood species, densities, cut and color all influence the Lichtenberg pattern. Let me know what you want, and I will pull out the whip!

All pieces are made in the USA, in the wilds of Montana because anywhere else I’d be shut down. {Remember Ghostbusters, The original?}


Please note that I will not describe the equipment used, as too many people are no longer on this side of the ground trying to use this process. Kids, don’t try this at home, you will die. The dude in the picture is not break dancing.

*I use “Miffed” scientist, because “Mad” is too strong a word.

” Sparky”